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Chatham Islands 2022

2-7 Dec 2022

Discover the unique flora and fauna that is the Chatham Islands

Tick this off your bucket list, as we return to this remote part of NZ, with a tour package specially designed to suit our valued clients. Enjoy comfortable accommodation and fabulous meals featuring abundant seafood, as we discover the landscapes, natural history, and the lifestyle of the hardy islanders. Every day is an adventure as our travels uncover unusual geological formations, remote fishing villages and a rich flora and fauna, all interwoven with the unique Chathams history of the Moriori. Add an optional day excursion to Pitt Island to complete your experience.

Day 1

Friday 02 December - Welcome to the Chathams

This morning we are transferred to Wellington Airport where we gather to join our Air Chathams flight to the Chatham Islands. Lunch is at our own cost at the airport, and light refreshments will be served on our two hour flight. (During the flight you may like to put your watches forward as the Chathams are 45 minutes ahead of New Zealand mainland time.)

Touching down onto the island we will be met by our hosts at the airport and transferred to our accommodation at Chatham Hotel in the main village of Waitangi. We will have the opportunity once we have settled into our rooms to explore the village, visit the museum, browse the Chatham Cottage Gift Shop and take a wander down to the wharf. This evening we enjoy our first taste of island hospitality, dining in at our hotel.

Day 2 - 5

Saturday 03 December - Chathams Experience

After our continental breakfast each morning we embark on our daily adventures.

Please note: Daily weather conditions and seasonal availability are taken into consideration and the daily activities listed below may alter accordingly, however we will do our best to ensure that you see all that is listed in the itinerary and more during your stay.

Most days we are away for the day so bring all you need with you. We generally find a sheltered spot for a picnic lunch, with most dinners (other than Admiral Garden) at the Hotel Chathams – it is a great opportunity to reminisce over the days adventures and have a yarn with a local.

Town Tour
Tikitiki Hill walk - dramatic red volcanic bluffs will impress, while providing views down over the port and the village of Waitangi.
Have a wander of town, visit the cottage gift shop and River Onion Art Gallery
Enjoy sightseeing along the south west coast where the Taiko Trust is leading projects that involve replanting the coastline and growing the population of endemic endangered species like Taiko and Mollymawk.

Sunshine Coast
Enjoy the wetlands walk – a loop walk through wetland and peat lakes
Visit Ocean Mail Reserve contrasting landscapes of dune systems, akeake forest and peat wetlands.
Take a short walk to visit a local seal colony at Point Munning.
Visit Kaingaroa Fishing Village, Broughton Landing (an old Mission and Whaling Station site) and a farm where we will be able to view the remains of a wrecked Sunderland Flying Boat which hit rocks while taxiing in Te Whanga Lagoon in 1959.
Discover the famous Hapupu tree carvings, culturally and historically significant carvings on karaka trees.

North West
Discover Splatter Rock - a great coastal walk to explore another interesting geological formation - a remarkable pillow lava flow named Splatter Rock. Look for Chatham Island forget-me-nots growing in the wild, and keep an eye out for the endangered Chatham Island oystercatcher (Torea).
Enjoy the Nikau Walk – the largest stand of nikau remaining on Chatham Island.
Visit Owenga Village, and stop to view the famous statue of Tommy Solomon, the last full blooded Moriori, located on land near where he farmed.

Te Whanga Lagoon
Explore Nunuku’s cave, where pre-historic rock carvings can be viewed.
Stop at Blind Jim’s Creek on the shores of Te Whanga Lagoon and look for fossilised sharks’ teeth. Te Whanga Lagoon is the largest natural feature on the island,covering some 16,000-hectares.
Take a walk in Henga Reserve —a huge sand dune system, coastal forest, impressive limestone outcrops and spectacular views over Petre Bay.
Visit Kopinga Moriori Marae. A very special place where the unique design of the marae provides ancestral history and heritage, architecture and breath-taking 180-degree views.

Wild West
Visit the amazing basalt columns – a fascinating series of pentagonal shaped volcanic rock columns on the shoreline and found nowhere else on the island.
Visit Port Hutt where a landmark rusting ship sits in the Island’s most sheltered bay.
Stretch your legs on Long Beach - a stunning wild beach walk.
Enjoy a lovely buffet dinner at beautiful Admiral Gardens - always a night to remember!

Day 6

Wednesday 07 December - Travelling Home

We depart our hotel for the airport this morning, checking in for our flight back to the mainland. Upon arrival back in Wellington you can pick up a bite to eat at your own cost before you are met by our coaches to transfer you back to your hometown.

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I bought our Tranzit tour to the West Coast as a birthday present for Mum. We loved travelling together and made so many memories. I have travelled this coast before and never seen the views I saw from the coach - just amazing! - Meg453, Trip Advisor