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Taranaki Gardens 2021

31 October - 3 November 2021

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Join us as we return to one of the many show case events for this beautiful New Zealand region - the Taranaki Garden Festival

This promises to be a blend of old and new gardens - chosen carefully to provide an interesting variety for all to enjoy.

Day 1

Sunday 31 October - On our Way

We will pick you up from home this morning before we depart on our Taranaki adventure. With transfers from Wellington, Kapiti, Wairarapa and other surrounding areas, we meet up in Sanson for morning tea at our favourite cafe. Our lunch stop today is at the cosy Mr Badgers Café at Tawhiti Museum in Hawera, where we will also have the opportunity to explore the museum, one of the best private museums in the country. Using life size exhibits and scale models – all designed and built on the premises – history and heritage is presented in super realistic displays.

This afternoon we visit Oakley Garden at Manaia. This garden features brick walls and pillars, cottage style plantings, early flowering roses, a vegetable potager and the remarkable hanging baskets for which owner Jenny is renowned. Making our way to our New Plymouth hotel, we settle in and relax before dining in the hotel restaurant this evening, after which we prepare ourselves for a couple of big days of garden visits ahead.

Day 2

Monday 01 November - Wonderful Waitara Gardens

After we have indulged in a beautiful breakfast at the hotel, we are off to discover the spectacular gardens of New Plymouth. Our first visit this morning is Tikorangi, the Jury Garden - a fourth-generation garden dating back to 1870 that retains historic elements while incorporating ideas from the new millennium. We then move on to Winlea Acre, an award-winning open-style garden that boasts a huge lawn with plantings on either side. The amazing variety of skilfully planted trees, shrubs, herbaceous plants, fruits and vegetables, provide a wonderful example of what can be achieved in a short space of time with vision and expertise. Next up, and our lunch stop today is Waiongana Gardens. This 4ha garden bound by the Waiongana River, has many varied spaces, including a sunken garden, rose garden, redwoods, native river walk, log walls and herbaceous peonies that usually flower during the festival.

This afternoon we visit Magnolia Grove, a hidden mature garden that will wow you. A Mediterranean theme of succulents and cacti make a bold statement. Paths flow out naturally to unfold a myriad of magnolia species, a bamboo forest and a bee garden; just a few of the combinations creating this idyllic sanctuary. Lepper Garden is next on the agenda, a 100-year-old garden filled with treasures. Large mature English trees and native bush boundaries surround this one-hectare garden, while clivia, hostas, ligularia, roses and rhododendrons are some of the varieties found in this rural country garden.

We return to our hotel for dinner and a chance to relax before we head out for a very special evening garden visit. Sequoia Steps is a tranquil inner-city hideaway that, on dusk, lights up with illuminated Japanese maples, floating steps, and sculptures. The garden features low clipped hedges and mature trees, all softened with the maples, groundcovers and mass plantings.

Day 3

Tuesday 02 November - Diverse Gardens Around the Region

Armed with a picnic lunch we have more of Taranaki’s gorgeous gardens for you to visit today. Our first visit is Hirst Cottage. While the cottage is heritage listed, this inner-city garden is quite minimalist, adopting linear principles and themed ‘green and white with a touch of red’. White petunia, white lilies and black velvet pelargonium are used to great effect. We then head to Egmont Village, where we visit Art Garden, an enclosed woodland garden with rooms unified by box hedging. We’ll see original art, sculptures, and a unique ivy circle all surrounded by natives and mature trees. At Inglewood, Stanleigh Garden awaits us. This country garden, with stunning views to the coast and mountain, uses its elevated position to grow splendid hybrid rhododendrons that flower throughout spring. A perfect place for picnickers and where we will enjoy our lunch today.

This afternoon move on to Greenhill Garden at Stratford, a small garden of great intrigue, where the floral artist creator cleverly incorporates a mixed perennial garden, shrubbery and a rockery with a bounty of treasures. Our final garden today is Te Popo, a 13ha parkland of native trees. Wander over a 30m suspension bridge crossing the deep river gorge that surrounds the garden and hear bird song as you stroll the extensive forest trails. Discover a “zoo” of life-size animal sculptures giving the feel of an African Safari.

Returning to our New Plymouth hotel, we will look forward to putting our feet up before enjoying relaxed dining in the hotel restaurant again this evening.

Day 4

Wednesday 03 November - Hawera Gardens and Homeward Bound

We are headed for home today, but with a couple more delightful Hawera gardens to visit en route. First we have Gravetye Garden, a stunning formal garden featuring a perennial border, pleached limes, roses and lavender, all accentuated by sculptures. Then we make our way to Tairoa Lodge, which featured in NZ House and Garden in 2020. The historic home is surrounded by sweeping lawns, while rhododendrons, camellias, and hydrangeas are abundant. The most significant trees in the garden are a stand of protected kauri planted in 1939. We also enjoy lunch here in the Tairoa Church Hall onsite.

Then we will drop you at home addresses to complete a fabulous gardening adventure.

The cost of the tour includes

  • Accommodation
  • All dinners, 2 course or buffet
  • All breakfasts
  • All coach travel
  • All lunches
  • Morning tea day 1
  • Tawhiti Museum, entry
  • Entry to the following gardens
  • - Oakley Garden, Manaia
  • - Tikorangi – the Jury Garden, New Plymouth
  • - Winlea Acre Garden, Waitara
  • - Waiongana Gardens, Waitara
  • - Magnolia Grove Garden, Waitara
  • - Lepper Garden, Lepperton
  • - Sequoia Steps Garden, New Plymouth
  • - Hirst Cottage, New Plymouth
  • - Art Garden, Egmont Village
  • - Stanleigh Garden, Inglewood
  • - Greenhill Garden, Stratford
  • - Te Popo Garden, New Plymouth
  • - Gravetye Garden, Hawera
  • - Tairoa Lodge, Hawera

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I bought our Tranzit tour to the West Coast as a birthday present for Mum. We loved travelling together and made so many memories. I have travelled this coast before and never seen the views I saw from the coach - just amazing! - Meg453, Trip Advisor