Back in Time - Wairarapa & Palmerston North Travel Club Day Trip

Thursday, 26 September 2019

Back in Time-Wairarapa Day Trip $88.00

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Back in Time- Palmerston North Day Trip $94.00

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Back in Time-Wairarapa & Palmerston North Day Trip

We step back in time and visit Wright's Hill Fortress and the private cinema, Time Cinema in Wellington. The fortress was built during WWII to Protect Wellington City and environs from possible enemy attack and invasion, it consists of an underground network of tunnels, operations rooms and gun emplacements. It had a fascinating history and now, with the help of its members and the public, it is being restored. Once we have explored the Fortress, we then head to the Time Cinema for a buffet luncheon and a movie.Sticking with our war history theme we are entertained by the the film, Gallipoli, starring Mel Gibson as a rash young man, who joins the ANZAC’s and ends up in Gallipoli, trying to save his friend. Spoiler alert: Bring tissues!

 Fun fact - in Turkey, at Gallipoli (or Canakkale as the locals call it) the film Gallipoli is played to visitors before they head off to the peninsula.

 Minimum numbers are required for this trip to proceed.

The cost of the tour includes

  • Guided Tour Wright's Hill Fortress
  • Private Film Screening- Gallipoli at Time Cinema
  • Lunch at Time Cinema
  • Coach Travel

Departure Detail

  • Farriers, Masterton 8.45 am
  • Tranzit Travel Centre, Masterton 9.00 am
The door to door transfers on the Tranzit Travel Club tours are such a bonus. Being picked up at my door and dropped back after our travels made things so easy! - Liz Black